Hi, I'm Jade Yung...

I'm a creative English copywriter and editor and I'm here to help organisations and entrepreneurs uplift their branding with conscious copywriting and editing services. I created Creative Kynde to share my creative skills and connect people with brilliant ideas through high-quality writing.


“Kynde” (like the word “kindergarten”) is a middle English word that means “nature”. It also relates to the modern English word “kindness”. When we are kind to ourselves and others, we can also communicate our ideas and intentions better with clarity and effectiveness.

About Jade Yung
Founder | English Copywriter and Editor

What you'll find out about me on my LinkedIn page is I have 5+ years of experience working in arts marketing and I've been working as a freelance copywriter for 2+ years. I also studied dance and theatre at uni and worked as a professional dancer for a few years before that. But what LinkedIn doesn't tell you is that I'm a Chinese/ third culture she/her who discovered a little piece of creative heaven called copywriting through her marketing days.

LinkedIn also doesn't tell you how much I love to write and edit – my inner artist cooks up a storm of words and my nerd takes pleasure in arranging and rearranging words on a page to figure out the most concise and effective way to communicate ideas. The process is no different from how I used to work in dance where I arranged and rearranged movement in space based on an idea or intention. But now, I've swapped movement and the stage with words and paper, websites, social media captions, e-mail copies and other wonderful brand and PR copywriting work.

I enjoy writing. I also love helping people articulate their ideas into words that people love to read. And more importantly, I am passionate about working with people and brands who are driving a positive impact in our world.

My portfolio features clients from an array of industries who are driving change in our world. They range from academic institutions to arts and culture and non-profits to corporate sectors. I have written and edited various topics, including the arts, ageing, green finance, social innovation and technology.


My creativity, cultivated through my arts background, makes me especially good at communicating complex ideas through writing that everyone can understand. My experience in arts marketing, particularly in content marketing, gives me the advantage of adapting my writing style to fit your branding and ethical marketing strategies.

Authenticity, clarity and honesty are the driving forces of my writing philosophy.

I'm not looking for success or perfection here. But I'm here to share my skills and experience to support purpose-driven businesses to develop sustainable branding and engagement with their audiences through conscious copywriting. I'm here to provide a fresh approach to the ideas that are still dancing in your imagination and brainstorming boards and bring them to life through quality written content.


When I am not writing, I am curled up on my sofa reading a book or watching a movie, playing the piano to myself, cuddling my family and friends’ cats and dogs, eating – because I’m always hungry, and sweating from a good run, yoga class or swim (yes it’s possible to sweat from swimming).