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Welcome to Creative Kynde

“Kynde” (pronounced like the word “kinsman”) is a middle English word related to the modern English words “kind” and “nature”.


Creativity is our nature, and kindness is our grounding philosophy.

Creative Kynde is a boutique copywriting studio that combines our passion for the art of writing and conscious and ethical marketing practices.

Currently offering copywriting, editing and Chinese to English translation services, we believe in effective and concise communication through authenticity, honesty, respect and kindness.

More than just writing copy for sales and conversion, writing is also our creative practice.

We help conscious brands cut through unnecessary clutter and craft a unique and creative voice aligned with their brand personality and values. It’s like choreographing a dance piece, but with words.

About Our Founder

Jade Yung | Founder and English Content Writer

Jade believes that communicating with kindness is the heart of impactful marketing campaigns in the digital world. With this in mind, she launched Creative Kynde in 2021 to empower and equip conscious brands with copywriting services that resonate with today’s conscious consumers. Jade’s empathy, creativity and experience as a third culture person give her a special edge in conceptualizing ideas and communicating complex topics.


Jade has over 8 years of experience in content marketing and copywriting for non-profits and purpose-driven brands. Prior to her entrepreneurship journey, she worked for non-profits and luxury brands, managing content marketing and all English publicity materials for The Peninsula Boutique, Asia Society Hong Kong Centre, Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation and more.

Jade studied contemporary dance and theatre at university. She has performed professionally between Asia and Europe for over 5 years before transitioning into content marketing. 

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