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Privacy Policy 

1. Committed to Your Privacy​

As a general principle, you will provide us with your Personal Data entirely voluntarily; there are generally no detrimental effects for you if you choose not to consent or to provide Personal Data. There are, however, circumstances in which we cannot take action without certain of your Personal Data, for example because this Personal Data is required to process your Service instructions or Product orders, provide you with access to blog or newsletter or to carry out a legally required compliance screening. In these cases, it will unfortunately not be possible for us to provide you with what you request without the relevant Personal Data and we will endeavour to notify you accordingly.

We will not be liable to you for the disclosure of Personal Data if, as shown by clear and convincing evidence, the Personal Data: (a) is generally known to the public at the time of disclosure by you; or (b) becomes generally known to the public through no fault of ours; or (c) was lawfully in our possession prior to you disclosing such Personal Data; or (d) is subject to applicable laws or a valid court order requiring disclosure of such Personal Data.

2. Information Collected 

You agree to us collecting the following “Personal Data” from and about you:

  1. Information in exchange for products or services - From time to time, we ask for Personal Data, such as names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers, account information and/or billing addresses in an exchange for our Product, content, or Services. 

  2. Transaction Information - When you download or purchase a Product or contract a Service from our Website, certain information may be tracked or collected, such as the date of the purchase and Product or Service details. This information is collected and used for internal purposes only, in order to enhance the general user experience. If you purchase one of our Products or Tickets, certain data is required to fulfil your request, such as credit card numbers/expirations/security codes, billing information and addresses, postcodes, and names, which will be processed through a third-party payment program. This information will not be shared intentionally with any party other than the third-party programs responsible for processing your payment and procuring payment to us. 

  3. Analytics - This Website collects data, such as your location and use time, in order to help us analyse user data and better serve our users. From time to time, our Website may collect data such as cookies, pixel tags, clickstreams, and other technology to collect information such as browser type, web pages viewed, links clicked, and other actions you may engage in on our Website and social media accounts. This information may be used from time to time to help us personalise your experience or for security purposes. 

  4. Third Party Information - We may receive information from social media platforms or other programs or plugins, such as PayPal, Stripe, Square, Shopify, Kajabi, Google and / or WordPress. 

  5. Others - Any other miscellaneous information accumulated or tracked in relation to your use of the Website or engagement in any user interface on it which may relate to the above purposes. 

3. Retention of Information

If any of the personal data that you have provided to us changes, for example if you change your email address or if you wish to cancel any request you have made of us, or if you become aware we have any inaccurate personal data about you, please let us know by sending an email to We will not be responsible for any losses arising from any inaccurate Personal Data that you provide to us.

Your Personal Data will be deleted when it is no longer reasonably required for the permitted purposes or you withdraw your consent (where applicable) and we are not legally required or otherwise permitted to continue storing such data. We will, in particular, retain your Personal Data where required for us to assert or defend against legal claims until the end of the relevant retention period or until the claims in question have been settled.

4. Privacy Security

In order to maintain the security of your Personal Data, we have taken reasonable methods to prevent unauthorised access and maintain accuracy of all Personal Data collected by our website. Physical and technical methods of protection include limited access by internal personnel to your Personal Data on a need-to-know basis, and password protecting documents or logs that contain Personal Data. 
By remaining on our Website, you acknowledge that transmission of information over the internet is not fully secure and at your own risk. We cannot therefore guarantee that any information you submit to us will be accessible to only us as the intended recipients. We shall, however, do our best to protect your Personal Data. Nevertheless, if there is a security breach on behalf of an unauthorised party, you agree to indemnify us and hold us harmless for any and all claims against the unauthorised party.
We shall endeavour to prevent the introduction of malware, malicious code, and viruses (“Viruses”) to our Website and our users. Due to the inherent nature of the internet, we are, however, unable to guarantee or warrant that our websites, content, Products or Services are completely free from Viruses. We will not be liable for any damages or harm relating to Viruses that may arise after use of our Website or Services or Products purchased on it. You agree to take responsibility with reasonable measures to prevent the intrusion of Viruses onto your hardware and software, and by taking appropriate steps to ensure your computer and web browser are not exposed to the risk of interference or damage from Viruses. 
You acknowledge that your use of our Website, Products and Services is completely voluntary. As such, you shall indemnify us and hold us and our agents and affiliates harmless for any damages or injury that may arise from your use of our Website, Products and Services, which include, but are not limited to, issues regarding the confidentiality and security of your Personal Data. 

Last Updated: 7 March 2023



1. Cookie Policy

Cookies are data from a server to your browser which are saved on your hard drive. Cookies do not contain personally identifiable information, such as your name or contact information. You may adjust your browser settings with regards to the collection of internet cookies - for example, you may delete, block and/or refuse cookies, or you may elect to be notified before cookies are placed.

This Site uses cookies to collect information to monitor and aggregate web traffic to our Website. This Site may also use web beacons, pixels, tracking gifs and social media widgets set by us or third parties to help us understand browsing activity and traffic patterns. This information helps us improve our Website, Products and Services, and your online experience. For example, social media widgets may be placed on our Website by third party social media platforms to allow you to interact with our social media accounts. These technologies may also collect browsing data, although the collection and use of data amongst these third parties is subject to their control and respective privacy policies.


2. Opting Out

You may opt out or limit how we use cookies, including by the following methods:

  1. Google Analytics - In order to opt out of Google Analytics, you may visit:

  2. European Union - Residents of the European Union may have the following rights with respect to the collection and use of their Personal Data: i) right to review, verify, correct, and request erasure of your Personal Data that we collect and store; ii) limit, restrict, or object to the use of your Personal Data under certain circumstances; iii) the right to request the transfer of your Personal Data to another party under certain circumstances. For more information regarding your rights to your Personal Data in the European Union, please visit:

  3. State of California - Residents of the State of California who are users of our Website may request certain information regarding the disclosure of their Personal Data to third parties for marketing purposes. All requests of this nature should be specific and addressed via e-mail to You may also utilise a preference on your internet browser called Do Not Track. However, we may not respond to Do Not Track settings. For more information about California Do Not Track and your rights as a State of California resident with respect to your Personal Data, please visit:


Last Updated: 7 March 2023

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