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A better future starts with kind words

Conscious copywriting for conscious brands and change makers

With a collaborative approach, we help conscious brands uplift their online presence and craft the right marketing copy that truly represents their branding. 

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Creative Kynde Subscription Plans

Our subscription plans are just a more flexible way to support all your writing needs for marketing. Copywriting, editing, Chinese-to-English translation.

If copywriting can do the splits, this is it.


Perfect for essential marketing needs, from eDMs to blogs to social media content


Perfect for content-heavy months during major or seasonal campaigns

What is conscious copywriting?

“Clear is kind. Unclear is unkind.”

Brene Brown

How we market to our audience matters.


And the words we choose to speak to them matter even more.


Conscious copywriting strikes a balance between what brands want to say and empowering their customers to make conscious decisions.


Contact us to learn more about how a conscious copywriting approach can help uplift your brand.

We work with businesses that inspire us to change for the better. 

We work with marketing and PR teams, content editors and entrepreneurs from:

  • Non-profits

  • Social enterprises 

  • Purpose-driven brands focusing on building communities and education

We specialize in writing about:

  • Arts and culture

  • Education

  • Sustainability

  • Social Impact...

...and more.​


Collaborate with us if:

  • Writing is an invaluable asset in your marketing and branding efforts.

  • Copywriting isn’t your forte but an ethical and conscious approach to your marketing is much needed

  • You want to free up your/ your team’s time and focus on growing your business consciously

  • You want to revitalize existing marketing copy to consciously align with your brand personality and business goals

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Brands that we work with

Words of Kindness

Kim Wong
Co-founder and CEO


"It was a great pleasure working with Jade and I am impressed with her work."

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