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 About Jade 

I was born and raised in Hong Kong and became passionate about writing and storytelling when I was little. YouTube and Instagram didn’t exist when I was growing up, so I entertained myself with books and I haven’t stopped reading since.

I studied dance and theatre at university and worked as a professional dancer in the UK for a few years before returning to Hong Kong. I became interested in writing and content production as I transitioned into a dedicated communications role. I have had the pleasure of working with boutique brands and large organisations in the retail, hospitality, arts, culture and heritage, business, technology, education, mental health, fitness and wellness, beauty and nonprofit sectors.

I write...

Press Releases  Product and Event Copy   Organisation Reports

E-newsletters  Website Content 

Marketing Materials for Print and Online

I also do...

Editing  Proofreading     Chinese to English Translation  

Communications Consultancy  Content Management Strategy

I'm good at...

Strategic Communications  Content Management     Branding Creating Meaningful and Inspirational Content 

Explain complex concepts 

Refining Details   Connecting Ideas 

 I have worked with...

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